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Pupusas! Pupusas are Kings and Queens here. A traditional Salvadorian dish eaten by hand. Unlike the Arepa, it's filled prior to cooking. The Dough is a corn flour with lime incorporated to create the masa. Originally created by pipil tribes, the word pupusa is derived from popotl (meaning stuffed) and Haxkalli ( meaning tortilla) = popoatlax, now and forever known as a Pupusa. Exclusively a vegetarian meal stuffed with flowers or vegetables before meat was added to the original recipes. The Pupusa is accompanied by Curtido, a pickled cabbage side similar to sauerkraut or kim chi. Today the pupusa has its very own National Day every 2nd Sunday in November.  



We focus on serving authentic Salvadorian cuisine at an accommodating price, with the same touch of hospitality our people are known for. Delicious food & a family friendly atmosphere.

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